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Provide complete solution for your business. Organise the business to achieve the objectives.

EPP is formed to support any kind of business. Whether you are running an Educational organisation or an International Marketing, we here at EPP have rich solutions for all your needs. EPP provides B2B or B2C solutions.

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EPP reach Spain
We have started a project to support the people in Spain to better employment by improving their English Language abilities.
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In the world today, the pace for change, the adoption and implementation of those changes is forever increasing and in no stronger area than Education Currently, to set up a new school the normal cycles of decision, direction, selection, planning, implementation and eventual completion takes in most cases years. Then during this time the question is often posed as to whether the right decision was made in the first place taking into account all the variables coupled with technological change.

We at EPP have various solutions that can be implemented in days and provide a bridge for education from now to the future.

We can provide:

  • Temporary school infrastructure and buildings, (all environmentally accredited)
  • Teacher accommodation, (all environmentally accredited)
  • Train the trainers
  • All the necessary communications and technology to provide online training but at local and remote levels

We have an independent approach to online learning. We use best in class on-line learning especially for English and Maths. We also have the ability to provide a lot of other types of training using the concept of skills studios and operating cooperatively for subjects of your choice thus providing tailored programs.